A Guide to Leeds Met Library.

I thought i’d do my first actual blog post on something close to my heart. My university library. A place which comes alive in May when everyone realises how little work they have done all year.

Lets start from the top…

The 4th Floor

A place where no one really ventures unless you are a design student and take up about 10 tables with your A3 paper.

The 3rd Floor

Silent study. This is a room where even a cough can cause major beef. If you suffer from asthma like me, it won’t be where you belong. Probably the best place to get work done if you sit in the right place. Choose the wrong place, near the wrong group of people and you will be victim to a lot of awkward eye contact…as in when you think the person will eventually look away but they don’t, so instead you’re both just staring at each other for a while.

The 2nd Floor

Medium noise levels. People tend to do the “loud whisper,” just to show that they are polite and appreciate this isn’t a group study floor, but still have full conversations about what they are going to get from Grumpy Mule.

The 1st Floor

The floor I know most about, as it was where I spent most my exam period in 2nd year. Despite constantly criticising it, it still holds a place in my heart.

The dons
A group of asian boys that sit on the sofas in the far corner of the library. If you are a student at Leeds Met you will know exactly who I mean. Fully equipped with tinted sunglasses and something G Star, you can’t really miss them. Especially since they shout instead of talk to each other when they are standing face to face. Still in the phase of playing ‘tunes’ off their phones and nodding aggressively. Think a Flo Rida music video…but in a library, and no girls swarming around them.

The international students
Always there to make you feel guilty when they are surrounded by 20 books. Often having naps in the library and giving you evils for talking to your friends too loudly.

The absolute divas
Look like they are ready for a night out. Arrive in heels and top up their make up every 30-40 minutes. Most often seen being approached by a don and flirting.

Fit but annoying
There is a lot of attractive people in Leeds, but it is fair to say some I have met/been near in the library are SO annoying. I overhead one guy describe himself as “Susan Boiling” on a hot day in the library. This is not okay.

The walkers
Literally don’t sit still. They stroll around the library making their presence known. Often come back with a new mate, or their 3rd lunch. No one knows what they do, but they deffo don’t do any work. Unless exercise counts as work.

Genuine creeps
There aren’t many, but on one occasion a strange man I was sitting on a table with somehow discovered what my name was and followed me on Twitter. I had no knowledge of this until I came back to several new tweets like “I see you’re working hard!” and “What course do you do?” After clicking on his twitter picture and realising it was the man sat in front of me we shared some very awkward eye contact, before I got scared and ran away.

This floor is good for 3 things:

Being able to talk freely
Being able to eat freely
And people watching.

If you actually want to get some work done go to the 3rd floor or stay at home.

Also look out for the beefcake security guard that enforces a “No ID, no entry” policy after 9pm. I have seen many arguments between him and students trying to prove that they are part of our uni “look I can log onto the portal…blah blah blah” HE DON’T CARE HUN.

But one more thing before I go…

The library toilets…

To students just arriving at Leeds Met I feel I must warn you about the toilets in our library. Guaranteed they are extremely hot as there are NO windows, so there is lots of suspicious scents flying about.

And to the odd person you see emerging from the disabled toilets (and they aren’t disabled) we know what you’ve done in there. Just couldn’t hold it in til you got home, COULD YA.

3 years worth of knowledge this is. Reckon you should print it out or something.


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