10 things I miss about Uni nights out…

Nights out at University are without a doubt the best of your life.

I know that sounds deep considering I’m only 21 but that is the conclusion I have come to after graduating nearly a year ago.

Let’s face it, when you move home, get a job and become a weekend bitch the nights out just aren’t the same..

“Weekend bitch”
Someone who lives for the weekend. Loves updating their status on a Friday to one of the following options:

“Cocktails with my girlies tonight!”

I don’t think I’m quite there..yet.

Anyway back to my top 10. Here are all the things I miss about Uni nights out and how different they are now that I’m back home…

1. Predrinks.

At Uni: 

Predrinks gives you a chance to ask your friends the following:

  • is my outfit okay?
  • do I have VPL?
  • will you rub fake tan on my back? (obviously I wasn’t the ask-er of this question.)

They are also a great time for:

  • taking stunning pics of you and your friends before you go out and put too much blusher on because the club toilets are too dark..
  • dancing around your flat/house/halls to a playlist you specially made when you were meant to be revising.
  • drinking vodka out of wine glasses. It definitely tastes better that way.

At home:

Your mum spends half an hour persuading you to take a coat or “small cardigan” because it’s cold between your front door and the taxi door.

Eyebrows are also raised because you are carrying around vodka in an Evian bottle.

2. When “I’m hungover” used to be a valid excuse that no one questions.

At Uni:

Friends come together, put on a film and snuggle to get over these hard times.

At home:

Your parents ask why your hair smells like vodka and give you the “disappointed” stare whilst you try to peel off last nights eyelashes.

3. Junk food being acceptable at any time of the day.

At Uni:

It’s 2am in the morning and you can’t sleep why WOULDN’T you go and raid the shelves at the 24 hour Sainsburys around the corner?

At home:

Rustling around with crisps downstairs wakes up your grandma and causes a showdown in the kitchen.

I just want a crisp sandwich.

4. Dancing wildy on a night out also counts as the gym.

At Uni:

When Beyonce comes on and you start hurling yourself around the club in 6 inch heels. It’s tiring okay.

At home:

Dancing about at home to an Akon favourite results in your dad asking why you don’t listen to “proper music.”

5. The subtle nod you share with friends when you agree you’re ready to leave the club for a big fat portion of cheesy chips. 

At Uni:

Let’s face it sometimes that’s the best part of a night out. SOMETIMES you even plan it on the way to the club. Gurl gotta eat.

At home:

Your mum questions your 3am food choices. You are left lying there regretting every bite and probably still covered in ketchup.

6. Student loan day.

At Uni:

When everyone enters the club like this:

At home:

Why is my bank account always minus? #overdraftlife

7. Making friends with the bouncers so you can show off to your mates and pretend you’re a bigman.

At Uni:

Your friends love you if it means they get queue jump and half price entry.

At home:

Your parents ask why you’ve been tagged in a picture with a scary bald man on Facebook.

8. Drinking Glens Vodka like it’s water.

At Uni:

It didn’t taste good but if it meant I could buy that new top I wanted i’m sold!

At home:

You feel old when you realise glens vodka actually burns your throat and you just can’t hack it anymore.

Cry, miss you glen.

9. You and four of your friends sharing one toilet cubicle in a club.

At Uni:

It’s a vital time to:

  • distribute any important gossip
  • have a quick cry (after seeing someone you didn’t want to across the bar)
  • fix any wardrobe malfunctions
  • get a friend to help you stick your eyelash back on
  • persuade your friend not to text “him”
  • discuss your next move.

10. Making friends with the Taxi driver on the way to town.

At Uni:

Give him a nickname. Take selfies with him. Play the drum on his head – who cares! Anything goes in that beautiful 5 minute journey.

At home:

Do all the same as the above and then realise he knows one of your family members.

Bet he didn’t mention posing for the selfies though did he..

Anyway. That’s all for now I feel emotional. Let me know if I’ve missed any! X



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